Why we love the word ‘hack’

22 Sep 2015

Last week we released our whitepaper: 5 Behavioural Hacks to Increase your eStore Sales.  Happily, it’s already created a fair bit of conversation.

Many of those chats have been about why we termed them hacks and how often people are now seeing the word on LinkedIn, Facebook or Reddit.

We understand why the question is being asked.  It’s a fair call, particularly given Ashley Feinberg’s now famous post: Please stop calling everything a hack.

But – you know what – in spite of all that, we still love it.

To us, a hack is about being quick to understand, resourceful and suitably irreverent.  It’s a visceral, energetic word – like one of its earlier meanings – and implies a willingness to appraise circumstances and to act with deliberate intent. Why should we leave the word to unscrupulous technomancers or people with a gripe against Ashley Madison?

If you see your e-Store volumes dropping and have ideas to lift them, wouldn’t you find the courage to test them?  What about if your marketing campaign isn’t delivering what you expected?  Wouldn’t you take an axe to it and hack away what’s not working, leaving more budget to reinvest in what is?

We would. And that’s why we like it.

we hope last week’s hacking gave you some great ideas to lift your eComm conversion.