Where are you… in your marketing plan?

02 Sep 2015

Your marketing plan is coming along, you’re achieving the small bite sized goals that make up the bigger picture. Now it’s your job to make sure that your team know exactly where they’re heading. This certainty ensures that everyone is in the know. It also highlights the next steps required to move into the next phase.

How far away are you from achieving the bigger picture?

Knowing where you are in your story will keep your team engaged, driven, and certain that the marketing objectives are being met.

Revisit the big marketing plan as a team. Celebrate the things you’ve achieved, tick them off, and then move onto how you’re going to keep up the momentum that will inevitably drive the plan to the end.

All those hours invested into breaking down the vision into do-able bite sized goals, setting tight timeframes to achieve them, doesn’t automatically guarantee that things will happen on their own. There’s a sense of direction that needs to be driven throughout this process.  It’s all about communicating along the way, making sure that conversations are revolving around tracking the progress. If you can master this leadership quality, you’ll be realising your full marketing objectives by the end of your given timeframe.

What we’re saying is that more often than not, lack of direction can be the greatest downfall of a marketing plan.  Always go back, check the plan and make sure you know where you are in the story. You might be thinking, this sounds more like a team motivation exercise, well it is. You had your team’s buy-in right from the beginning, when you were brainstorming those great ideas on the whiteboard.

It is important now to keep the momentum and the energy going, because without your team and their clarity on where things are at, you’ll be driving this one on your own.

If you’d like to find out more,  feel free to contact us to have a chat about ways to make your marketing plan more formidable in the long term.