The Art of Putting your Marketing Plan into Action

25 Aug 2015

Ideas are just that. Unless they’re put into an action plan, they won’t go anywhere. In fact, if a marketing idea is left for too long, it’s already missed the momentum required to make it a market-leading idea. Your competitor has probably already come up with it, the market trends may have also changed by then.

There’s a sense of urgency in any successful marketing plan. You need to create that same urgency for your ideas. This is where introducing an action plan will turn your marketing ideas into tangible achievements. Don’t be afraid to deliver under a tight timeframe, map out your bite sized chunks on a strict timeline with real date deadlines. Work towards getting your ideas out to the market. They don’t all need to be perfect, you can tweak things along the way. As long as you have a clear vision of your brand’s bigger picture, those steps we discussed earlier, they will keep moving.

You have to “strike while the iron’s hot”. When you have an opportunity go to market, do it before you lose your chance. Especially given that information is so easily accessible online, and most marketing is now digital – you can move fast. So why not make your marketing timeline move just as quick?

We’re not saying jump straight in without considering your budget and business objectives, but magic happens when things are done in the right time.

This gives you a clear vision of your direction and how you’re going to get there.

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