It’s imperative to gather visitor data in a smart, efficient manner

"The days of using pen and paper are over – there is just too much risk"

Physically losing leads, spilling your latte on them, or just the fact that illegible handwriting can reduce your leads by more than 20% are key reasons to ditch the ink. You need to capture prospect details and start campaigning as soon as possible – so why not make it easy?

Technology is enabling companies to collect more data than ever before, and not just basic details. Tablets provide a simple interface to capture product interest, geographic information, and even behavioural questions to identify key traits to start your campaigns loaded with unique information about each prospect. Imagine knowing what products your prospect is currently using before you make the first call? Your conversion rates will surely climb.

Lastly, people typically forget to calculate their time as an expense when entering data from pen and paper data collection. Although tablets seem expensive, you can quickly recoup that cost by starting your marketing campaigning immediately with real-time data access and a decent eDM platform. Don’t let manual labour get in the way of starting to contact your prospects immediately following an event. There is a real opportunity cost using pen and paper methods, and you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think you could be spending your time more wisely.

If you’re not embracing technology, your competition is.

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