Tell a Story with Social Media

18 Jul 2014

Sitting through a day long workshop at the Online Retail & eCommerce Expo in Sydney really got me thinking about the power of social media, eCommerce, and how to drive retail conversions in the changing retail environment.  The day was spent talking about tools, practical examples, and new technology available, but I felt that it was largely in isolation of each other.  Tools by themselves aren’t enough…

Don’t get me wrong, conversions are important – but with nearly 16 brand impressions needed per sale, there is a clear demand to make cohesive sense of the content that is being created.  It’s not enough to post a random meme to Facebook or Twitter, you need to have a view of how that specific meme plays a role in the campaign’s story.  Once you’ve authored a story that will engage your prospects, it becomes easy to select the social media tools required narrate.

As a result, your time will be spent on making decisions about which social media tool will articulate a component of your campaign’s messaging, as opposed to wondering if a funny fail video will increase my “likes”.  When a prospect does convert, it should be the climax of the campaign’s story, articulated with the value and benefit your products provided your new customer – not relying on unrelated Twitter posts to drive your conversion strategy.