Richer Data Makes Better Decisions

"Ernst and Young modelling predicts that by 2021, 11% of retail sales will be online – and that two thirds of this will go off-shore."

Data_driven_Decisions_CTA“Like hell!” say a lot of passionate online retailers we speak to in Australia. Yet when we ask “What’s your plan to stop it?” the response isn’t nearly as definite.

If EY is right, we have seven short years before the online sales exodus really begins.

Thankfully that’s more than enough time to truly understand who is buying from you and what motivates them. The trick is being able to test what you learn in market. It’s not about commissioning another 120 slide market research presentation. It’s about deploying actionable insight directly into your campaigns – something you can prove true or false. That’s what really matters. So how does your business make an impact?

Take your customer insight and test it rigorously in your marketing or new business. Measure the impact you’re making. Build on your successes. Do this and you’ll lift transactions in a way that your competitors can’t recreate.

You’ll certainly have something to say, come 2021, when it’s not your sales that are slipping while your competitors have faded away.

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