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Managing Director

Soon possessing data for every part of life won’t be a question – it’ll be a certainty.

I’m part of the new generation of data nerds; I possess a shrewd understanding of how to leverage your data sources and analyse them to create real commercial value.  You’ll often find me slicing, dicing, merging, and testing data to uncover real commercial insight - the sort that gives your organisation a unique competitive advantage.

Customers are the heart and soul of every business – my experience in both in-house insight and marketing communications provides me with a unique skill set to uncover and identify intelligence on your best customers. One moment I’ll be digging through data tables, the next running a workshop with your management executives using data-driven strategies to test and deploy campaigns.  I’m the one who will help drive your company’s growth through the power of your own, proprietary data.

Please contact me with any questions or just to make a connection through the site.

I’m active on LinkedIn, and am always looking to connect with new friends and colleagues:

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Marketing Director

"You can't measure it!"  I wince every time I hear that old chestnut.

What is our job as senior marketers if not to clearly demonstrate how we impact our businesses?  It doesn't matter if we're Brand Execs, Marketing Managers or the CMO, we should all take pipeline, revenue and profit as seriously as the CEO does. We all know that good marketing leads to growth - part of our responsibility is to prove it.

My job is to help you show how you've contributed to the growth of your business. Most of the time that means assisting in campaign, testing insight or proving up returns. It's often building actionable marketing strategy or clarifying commercial vision. With my experience on both client- and agency side, I'm the guy with his eyes on the action you need to grow your business.

If you have questions, queries or comments, I'm always happy to help. Just click here to Contact Us.

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Sales Manager | Lead Generation Specialist

Have you discovered how to generate leads and maximise conversion? How do you know which leads to follow up first after an event activation, trade, or consumer show? Maybe, you don’t know where to start, and that’s ok.

I have first-hand experience working with exhibition managers as well as sales managers to successfully deliver trade and consumer shows. I know what it takes to set and achieve sales targets, and my role is to help our clients build a client database to maximise profitability.

I work with our clients to achieve a great return on investment through qualifying leads as they’re captured, live onsite. Might as well, right? You’re spending a lot of time and money on these stands, you HAVE to see a return from it. I know what it takes to make your stand great, how to generate leads and when to follow them up.

I’m always happy to have a casual no-obligation chat over coffee, so feel free to reach out and talk about how we can turn your exhibition investment into real sales conversions. You can also find me on LinkedIn.