If you’re spending $30k and the rest to hand out flyers to prospective customers, are you really expecting a meaningful return?

"We don’t think so! "

Events need to build an asset for you that will show demonstrative ROI.

By marginally adding to your investment and building an intelligent database of potential customers and leads, you’ve generated sales gold. Technology enables you to capture details and communicate with prospects immediately after engaging them, increasing the likelihood of future purchase. Most event lists aren’t prospected until days after an activation – we can help you generate immediate sales.

Great, you have 1000 leads the day after the show, now what? You need an easy way to prioritise and target your leads to identify who is ready to buy and what they are interested. Collecting contact details and preference information is easy with a tablet, so why send your prospects information they don’t want? Use profiling questions to break them down into distinct segments and start prospecting immediately.

Now that your post-event prospects are sorted, focus your marketing and sales on these groups first. You’ll recoup your investment fast with your hottest leads, and have plenty to chase in the following weeks.

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