Action your marketing plan one bite at a time

How to action your grand marketing vision

19 Aug 2015

So you have a marketing vision, you’ve brainstormed all your great ideas on a white board, you’ve set your sights on becoming a true market leader in your industry. Everyone’s feeling ambitious and excited about big things to come – that’s the goal, right?

It’s easy to dream up ideas, but it takes a practical plan to make those goals achievable. So how do you maintain the momentum of the excitement to make sure that the conceptualised outcome is achieved by your team?

You might ask yourself: “How do you devour a whale?”

The answer we all know is: “One bite at a time.” 

Having the ability to break down complex and high level abstract ideas and then turning them into bite sized chunks is a real skill. And if you can break down the goals from your brainstorming session into smaller chunks, you’ll be able to achieve your bigger picture in no time.

Having a plan for your marketing plan (yes, that’s right – a plan to carry out the plan!) is not a silly idea, it’s a smart one.  Your marketing team will perform better if they can see the steps required to climb that mountain. Not only that, but you can tick off each step along the way.

So now, go and break down that whale and figure out how you’re going to devour it, one bite at a time.

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