Happy Birthday to us!

01 Nov 2015

Spoiler alert: beware of celebratory indulgence!

Happy Birthday to us!

Yup, that’s right.  Please raise your virtual drink(s), we’re officially 1,000 days old.

Sure, I know it’s a funny number to celebrate.  But why not? In my mind, it’s a thousand days of talking to clients and testing ideas, of delivering hundreds of marketing streams and qualifying tens of thousands of leads. It’s countless interstate flights with heavy luggage, hundreds of kilometres walked up and back down exhibition halls, and more hours of writing copy than I can count!

And – thankfully – all this hard work has created good growth. We’ve more than tripled our team working projects across Australia and the U.S. and wrote almost ten times the sales of prior years. We’ve also got some really exciting cards up our sleeves for 2016 – more on that later.

With these sorts of successes, I’d normally say wahoo! kind of quietly and get on with getting on. But not this time.

After some gentle prodding, I’m going to post some reflections on what we’ve done right and got wrong over the last thousand days. And while this sort of social announcement isn’t really in my nature, I’m doing it because I’m absolutely committed to seeing our momentum continue. As Bold Discovery’s MD, my job is to make sure we use our experiences as a springboard for bigger and better things.

If that’s your job too, maybe you’ll get something out of these thoughts. I sure hope you do.

Our white paper 1,000 Days Working Out comes out later in the week.


– Adam Blakney