Getting Sales at an Exhibition

13 Jul 2015

You know it, I know it.  We’re at exhibitions to generate sales. That’s not exactly rocket science.

But, if you’ve been there and done that, you’ll know that it isn’t all that easy either. They’re very long days with (hopefully) thousands of people walking in and out of your space needing to be nurtured, qualified and captivated. It can be utterly exhausting.

On the last show day, when you’re slumped on your stand (hopefully with a beer in hand) dreading bump out, we bet you’re asking yourself the same question we all do: “Did we generate the sales?”

Let’s give you a hint. Right there and then, most exhibitors don’t know.

And the reason they don’t know is that it’s actually a trick question.

Most exhibition sales aren’t generated at the event. They’re chased down, worked up and closed after the show. But how many is “most”?

Well, it’s a difficult ratio to calculate, particularly across industry sectors and trade or consumer shows. Obviously buying behaviour differs when you’re looking to pick up a bottle of wine versus half a million dollars of fitness equipment. So it seems heavily dependent on products, price points and marketplace.

But, across the shows we look at, our best estimate is it’s at least 1 in 8.

So for every sale you make onsite, there are 7 or more sales waiting to be closed by post-show promotion or sales follow up. Think about this for a second: 1 in 8.  That means that more than 80% of the return you get from the exhibition comes from all the hard work you do after the show.

So when you’re having a beer and dreading bump out, perhaps you need to ask another question?

What are we going to do to close the rest?

Look out for our new white paper which release later this month.  Contact us to get started on generating real return from your exhibitions  +61 3 9005 7330.

Photo credit: photo by Good Food & Wine Show Instagram @goodfoodwine