Retail with a Local Flavour

21 Jan 2015

Like many people who need coffee to jump start their mornings, my favourite cafe is not just where I get a latte. It’s where I meet clients for breakfast, it’s where I have meetings during the day, it’s where I escape from the noise of running a business to think.

And the owners there are great. They’re clever business people, strong, funny and so full of good nature that I love going back. And I’m not the only one.  They have a brisk trade for both breakfast and lunch and operate a retail arm that sells take-home meals to make time in the kitchen far less onerous than I often make it.

But like lots of the business people I see, they sprint – day in and day out – trying to make their business move. And that has me thinking, it’s a good engine, but how can we make it run even better? After a good number of lattes, here are my three tips for accelerating a business that’s already moving.