Lifting Online Transactions with Customer Insight

09 Mar 2015

Before you get down to making segmentation work for you, get comfortable with what you’ve already got.

This is a somewhat poetic way of saying ‘have a look at the data you’re already capturing.’

If your e-store is up then you almost certainly have shopping cart size, value and postage rate. If you’vegot a way of logging in prior to purchase then there’s also transactions made by guests versus those made by logged in customers or accounts. If your site has been
up for a while then you may even have year-on-year numbers, perhaps even a variance on average spend.
Most of the retailers I talk to are surprised about what’s already there.

Regardless of the actual data you’ve got, try not get carried away just yet. The point of this half step is just to
get a bit more comfortable with what’s there. And to run hard at the first step all you really need is a
list of the data you already have.

So got your list? Great, now it’s time to get moving.