Let’s be honest, will they really remember you at the end of the day?

"How about at the end of the week? "

I doubt you can rely on them remembering your brand, let alone expect a purchase.

You might think that noticing your brand is an acceptable outcome right? Wrong. If that’s your aim, than stick with billboards and magazine adverts. Your business will be engaging with real prospective clients, and it’s too valuable to limit yourself to increasing brand awareness – we want you to make sales.

The reality is that your target market at an event is even smaller than you think. If you are convinced that every visitor is a potential sale, you’ve got a tough lesson to learn. The key challenge of a crowded event is identifying real prospects, not just hoping they remember you. If you exhibit at an event and don’t capture the details of interested visitors, you are missing point. Yes you may have had brand exposure but there is certainly no guarantee that will form a buying relationship, and the other exhibitors aren’t helping.

Don’t you wonder how to measure brand awareness anyway? Sales is what drives a business, and anyone you add to your customer database are real prospects to be sold to.

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