Metaphor alert!

"Marketing, with a capital M, is no longer fought with annual marketing plans."

Agile Marketing_CTAThe big guns of behavioural analytics and automated marketing have led the charge, and thanks to their advances, marketing is back in the trenches, fighting to make every lead more qualified. Every conversion more likely. Every sale more valuable. We don’t say this lightly – this comes from a lot of experience in marketing strategy and campaigning. From $5k drives to full scale multi-million dollar initiatives, Bold Discovery has lead over 500 campaigns with more than $25M in budget across all channels: search, display, mobile, web, TV, radio, DM, eDM, ambient, event, activation, channel, automated. There’s not much we haven’t tested in pursuit of better. But to make marketing work hard in the digital world, you need to support strong strategy with the drive of being in market sooner. Customer insight has to be rapid and actionable. Plans need to factor in test and be able to learn. They have to be agile so that you can change direction mid-stream and to chase what’s working (and leave what isn’t behind). We can help you improve the return from your marketing. Contact us or call 03 9005 7330 to learn how.